Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Ah! The tie of time was so knotted on the collar that shouldered irresponsibility so much that even though the shirt was off, the tie remained.

The fear of writing and sermonizing in paras, brought about some 'para'noia and hence the hiatus. Also the glare of modern superstitions was a little too bright even for the comfort of my googled goggles.

Yet,the question of "How much can we see? " remained a simple and nimble question.

When posed the same to an entity with the attire that can put minds at-ire (Pants pulled above the tummy and wearing sneakers on formal attires), and with altitude of attitude... that... saving a penny helps one buy a home on the Thanksgiving day with fe-male-in-rebate, the answer was mind googling.

The question again for academic purposes: How much can you see?

The answer came thus: Pointers, Arrays,Functions, Datastructures

Altitudinal Indian** (AI...How ironic!): Thats a good amount of C knowledge you know.
Me: Oh!.......Oh! (I wasnt this embarassed when the fly of my jeans was open all through the day in a big conglomeration.)

Me: SIR AI, Pardon me for the incorrigible incomprehensibility of the process in asking questions, BUT, Sir what is the extent of perception of the mind on the external stimulus caused and the resultant internal reverberation produced, please mention the frequency and wavelength accurate to the fifteenth decimal.(REVENGEEEEEEEE...Answer will be awarded a PASS/FAIL Grade,Sychophancy will be deemed rewarded )

(I stand vindicated for the question asked in a totalitarian darwinistic manner)
AI: (Nonplussed) Err....As Much As I Can.
Me: Nice...Maybe I will make a movie by that name and name the director as Sullen-Spellboundberg.
AI: (Intimidated...not by me...but by the question) I.....I....I have a call from my manager for production support, will answer that later:THE LIE(The call was from his wife for re-production support: THE LIFE)
(In Dreams...In Space): Houston, Houston we have a problem, We cant see, perceive

Houston: Roger that, If you cant see down, then show up

Me: Drat! The sarcasm in dreams double up (I wake up and sleep right back)
Me: Maybe we see more than we can perceive, no matter how much we try, only perception of the 3rd Dimension is possible. The back's never visible...if it is, then the front might turn back.!!!! Interpretations welcome, discussions even more....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

ALAS! P.A.ssI.oN in Cricket

Sunday, January 28, 2007


The succint observation in every precinct,isnt very distinct. The trend of the blend bellows without a bend. The tastes aint differ much, for the sum(some) of differences arent that much.

Russell Peters once said during his famous standup comedies, " I dont make the stereotypes I find em". Now for the foremost question. Are we past the age of impression that we resort to such blatant ingestion.

From personalities to polarities, from cars to wars, from Honda's Toyota's to Howitzers and Migs!!!!

The sea is filled with salt already, why add a pinch more?! Its very remarkable that we "beg" to differ, rather than differ to differ.

Some of the mindsets come from the assembly line, clearly Ford didnt envision this when he endorsed an assembly line. Its like a rubber stamp, bang them as hard as you can, they still give you the same imprint.

Disclaimer: Observations not preachings

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Entrance: Revolving doors
Entrant: The evolving dour.

When the day begins with the thought: "Why is that people who say nice things like "Have a nice day" dont really mean it and really mean it when they say "Fuck you" or for that matter any expletive ??!!, Its a vivid moment in a day of revelations.

Ah! Wonderous is the thought process of the generic carbon based bipedal life form descending from an ape.Sometimes or rather most of the times for the thought process,the triumph of imagination over intelligence is exasperating. The thing with imagination being the undying patience it gets. As it's so felt, the motive of it goes as "Be patient...wait for long enough.....nothing happens".

Logic is supreme, but when tried mixing little logic and lots of imagination, what one can at best hope is a Hollywood movie with gregariously glamorized defunct personalities having obsessive compulsive disorders, which evoke Oohs and Aahs and also ooze Oomph.

One of the supremely challenged behaviors belonging to the upper mentioned category is "procrastination". The imagination being the concept of climbing up the ladder by seemingly working hard "later" viz a viz - smart working. Well... it takes a lot of scratches on the head to ingrain the words. Procrastination can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be changed from one premise to other. (Do I hear someone patting me, Ah well, Its time I deserved some of it...Ouch! I mean a pat , not a hit)

Ah! The verse of the aforementioned curse isnt any terse, for the work is made averse, with increasing hours. Hell hath no fury , but mismanaged late hours do hath.

Work is Warship, SOS before it killeth you all.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Have you met T.I.N.A

Yikes!!!!Slap is dating T.I.N.A...yeah dudes and the over zealous girlllz, Slap's been dating T.I.N.A ....see the fullstops between her name is to kind of alphabetically convey that its been an on and off affair. Yeah right now the thing in his life is T.I.N.A.

Well T.I.N.A has been in his life on and and large one can trace T.I.N.A's rememberances back to the days of 10th grade. She's kinda influenced him in his budding career decision then and since then she's been a confluence with influence. She's been the f-actor in causing reminders. Some 'composite' decisions and some 'prime'. Well sometimes slap did resisit her but... man... her charms are too hot for him to handle. The last time I met him, he's been transmogrified into a door knob and was singing. "Turnkey and turnknob....but falling short being a slob. Blob-di-blob-di-blob-di-blob. "

The rue-mance was toread (romance was torrid) to say the least, but it held!!!!!! It held for a long time to yuck-knowledge it. Then the news spread to Ekta Kapoor and Bollywood, and they started gloryfying the T.I.N.A factor, they had people performing T.I.N.A's roles and then later the audience then had their T.I.N.A along with TRiP ratings.

The one good thing about T.I.N.A is/was she hates to run around trees and proclaim her love, she instead choses to remain in everyone's lives in the tacit way, now this cant make her promiscuous...does can she be? She's the multiplicity sister of Seetha-Gita types. The love-hate relationship has more hate to it, but she doesnt make the effort to leave. There's no moving on with her. There's only the "the show must go on" with her.

Well her name's got an abbreviation too.... more an acronymph ... she is
T.I.N.A = There Is No Alternative.

I better not bitch more coz the beatch can thwack me hard if she wants to.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Trek up Hill - Chow-n-Trash

Misunderstood as Aggressive, Impulsive ? Read this ad, maybe this can help.

Are you a fan of Ganguly, do you like your shirt twirling in England?

Are you the fast decision maker often dubbed as impulsive?

Are you the zing toned guy who's tone is often felt as offensive and temperful?

Are you the guy/girl who believes that spirited logic is before logical spirit?

Are you the guy/girl who wears the heart on the sleeve?

Are you the guy/girl judged by previous incarnations?

If you are commonly misconstrued guy of this orb....Then we have the right product for you

Its called "Dumber Chow-n-trash" based on reverse formula of "Dabur chawanprash". Well the trick is that you got to feed it to the person who feels the feelers along with youself.(Please carry 2 spoons)

For References: Please contact the horses of Err-abya, their speed considerably slowed after the dumber product.
Side effects: Could result in carrying a banana for eating every mile, or once in a while.
This could also be marketed as "Food for Sole" in North America.

REQUIRED: Designers for posters of this product.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pirates of the Curry-Bean (Deep Fried)

(My take on the polarised racist system in my backyard and as well as fore-yard)

Anger following the anamolous expansion of water at foredegrees. And the pun is
intended, for the racists of the cultures hitherto inhabited by specks
of brilliance, but the fun is unintended.

A polarised view and an impoverished thought process all throughout.

Schools of thoughts in distraught droughts. A classic case of a logically flawed system but inheritance done with blatant smirks. The pride in being what one is dissappears and the pseudo superiority surfaces.

There exists "A thin line" between pride and superiority screamed sensibility.

"A theme line", was the shocking echo.

"The haemoglobin in the blood wasnt in the right milligrams to the 50th decimal, thats why the superiority" this one can guess is the most logical explanation one can arrive to!!!!!!

The mortality rate increased for the grey matter was my "most plausible" diagnosis.

Oh! Yeh Hippos, please save us, for the thick skin is the ultimate armour we wanna cherish to face this.

And yeah, if one stays indivisble then all they can emulate are the prime numbers, however prime they are, they just got '1' as company. tch! tch!